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Tips for Choosing Healthy For Iftar takjil Fasting

Ramadan has arrived and greeted with joy by the Muslims in the world. In this holy month all the people vying to perform good deeds by running ibadan fasting. Fasting is a hunger and thirst for a full day starting from sunrise until sunset. It is synonymous with fasting is takjil lot of selling in the time before sunset as the opening menu when breaking fast. Are you one of those who likes to find and buy takjil for iftar? Takjil does have many kinds and many tempt every person who saw him immediately in the dining especially during fasting. At times like this the nature of revenge often makes us forget that not all takjil snacks that are sold at roadside is good and healthy for our body health. Takjil usually much rush by everyone is colas, iced fruit, pudding, fried foods and many others that often makes us forget ourselves. So how thoughtful or choose takjil healthy for an iftar? Immediately, note the following review!

Here's Tips for Choosing Healthy takjil for Iftar Fasting

Note The cuisine type
The first thing you should do is to consider the type of cuisine. When breaking the fast indeed we often eat all the food in our taste delicious and fresh without taking into account the capacity of the stomach. Usually during fasting became the first choice was a cold drink. Therefore when wanting to buy cold drinks like iced fruit must be carefully the materials used. Because of the time in a lot of the ice by using artificial sweeteners and it is very dangerous for our health. It would be much much better if during fasting drink warm as this will prevent you from a sore throat, cough and flu.

Note the Point of Sale
the place was also greatly affects the condition and quality of the food takjil. As we found out during the fasting month a lot of vendors selling snacks on every sidewalk curb. Locations trade as it often affects the health condition of snacks takjil sold. As much as possible far better choose takjil sold in a completely hygienic are not exposed to contamination from dust and dirty air outside that can affect your health condition.

Buying takjil in the Trusted Sites
the latter is no less important in choosing a healthy takjil is bought in a truly reliable. This reliable place means the place that sells various types of food takjil own label halal and escaped from BPOM test will be much better quality than the snacks that are sold alongside a road without us knowing the ingredients it uses. Usually in a place like this quality is a major concern and customer satisfaction. That way you do not have to worry if you have takjil unhealthy foods.

Many explanations regarding tips on choosing healthy takjil for iftar meal that you can know. So and hopefully this time can be useful explanation.
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